What's on your Workdesk? Wednesday 297

A warm welcome to all my visitors

 It's Wednesday and here's my desk a little more messy than last week. I'm doing some DIY Journalingcards for my Project Life
And here the finished last week
the left side
I created a page insert for this week
and the right side
If you want like to visit more desk's go to Stamping Ground and Julia will explain all.
Thank you for visiting my desk.

7 Kommentare:

Lindart hat gesagt…

I love your Project Life cards, I'm so way behind in mine - I'm working on May 2014 right now! hopefully I will eventually be able to catch up, my DH gave me a Project Life box of cards for Christmas! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #60

Lizzie hat gesagt…

Hallo Gaby!
I just popped by to say hi, after your kind comment on my photo album project.

You had a very busy week, from all those cards that you've made up. Looks like fun though - cake, coffee, new dress (?)...

The home-made journalling cards look really interesting - perhaps you should blog about those especially?


Anne hat gesagt…

Your pages are brilliant. Something I really need to get started on. Thanks for sharing Anne x

PaperOcotilloStudio hat gesagt…

Project Life is so interesting..really documenting everything. I just do straight old art journaling myself lol. Loved to see you pages. Shel #45 WOYWW

Artatag hat gesagt…

Tolle Seiten! Ist das ein fertiges System? Wie funktioniert das denn?
Gabriele 17

Patrink hat gesagt…

There is a lovely feeling here at your blog. Thanks for sharing your space with us. Happy WOYWW

Pat #71

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